a c a d e m y  a w a r d s  2 0 1 3  -  r e v i e w

best film - Argo

The one made us very happy. We championed this film on Radio 5 Live's flagship wittertainment shown way back when it was released and we're over the moon that the Academy ignored our worrying about them rewarding a thriller. Affleck is just absorbing respect at the moment and we love him for it. And he's a thoroughly nice man too. Still very much mystified by the Academy forgetting to nominate him for the director gong though. Check out our review of Argo from the LFF here.

best leading actor - Daniel Day Lewis

lincoln 2.jpg

The next year that Daniel Day Lewis is nominated may see a drop in attendance for the remainder of the nominees. Making history by the being the firs man to manage three wins, DDL confirmed the bookies odds. As Samuel L said at the BAFTA ceremony, 'if Lincoln wasn't like Daniel, he should have been'. Check out our Lincoln review here.

best leading actress - Jennifer Lawrence


It's great that the Academy managed to make up for not giving Jennifer the award at the 83rd event for her astonishing turn in Winter's Bone. But we haven't seen Silver Linings Playbook yet so we're assuming she deserved it.

best supporting actor - Christophe Waltz

Waltz is going to have a similar effect to DDL at this rate of winning. Plucked from relatively obscurity (at least in the English speaking cine-world), Waltz is now a genuine force to be reckoned with. He rightly thanked QT at the BAFTA ceremony for masterminding his rise but that will only last so long before Waltz is recognised as the fantastic actor without anyone mentioning his director. Check out our Django Unchained review here.

best supporting actress - Anne Hathaway

Hathaway brilliantly filled the Leonardo DiCaprio role this year of playing an impoverished nobody whilst looking absolutely nothing like an impoverished nobody. To be fair to Anne, if she hadn't had to open her mouth so wide to reveal her tombstones, she might have got away with it. Apparently she did as she bagged this gong. Check out our love of musicals in our Les Miserables review here.

best original screenplay - Quentin Tarantino


Both BAFTA and the Academy seem to have an issue awarding QT an award for acting so this seems to be his not-too-shabby consolation prize. Which we're pretty sure will stay the case unless he tones it down a bit. We really hope that never happens. QT once referred to Jo as a 'little nutcracker' and we love him for this. And Jackie Brown.

best director - Ang Lee

ang lee.jpg

He's had  few missteps has Ang but for the most part his films are interesting and original enough to make us pay attention. His never bettered The Ice Storm was very nearly bettered by Brokeback Mountain but we shall generally avoid mentioning The Hulk in these pages. We haven't seen Life of Pi yet so won't be commenting on how the hell he got Affleck's Oscar.

best animation - Brave

We've already come clean on our allegiances to Frankenweenie in our review here so there's not much point in pretending. Apparently Brave is a more Oscar-worthy film. We haven't seen it so have to assume that this is the case. The Academy couldn't have got this one completely wrong.....