The Academy Awards 2013 - Review

Well, it's all over bar the 'who's going to present next year' discussions' and broken shark was there every step of the way. This is not strictly true. In fact, more accurately, it's strictly a lie. You see, we like film, it says so up there in our deliberately understated banner, but we also like our sleep and one of us also likes his football team. Yes, as almost none of you will care about by now, my team was playing in the League Cup Final on Oscar day. This left me somewhat tired and emotional and unable to cope with all those musical numbers.

We have though, scoured the interweb to assess the evening and we think it's probably more hit than boob song. Check out our 'coverage' of the evening opposite. And don't forget to read our preview below to confirm just how little we know about most of this. More importantly, check our brief review of Argo in our London Film Festival section. We were there first. And Affleck vomited when he was told of our love of the film. Actual FACT.

Those awards in full:

best film

best leading actor

best leading actress

best supporting Christophe Waltz

best supporting teeth in a cropped hair cut

best gotta give QT something

best shafting of Affleck

best animation that's not Tim Burton

aaaand, the rest

check out our review of the 2013 awards here

The Academy Awards 2013 - Preview

The biggest news of course was released months ago when it was announced that Seth Macfarlane was to present the ceremony. How will the Family Guy and Ted creator cope with this monumental honour? A stirring rendition of 'Prom Night Dumpster Baby'? Couple of verses from the seminal non-hit 'You've got AIDS'? We're pretty sure he won't go down that route but there's no denying that would crank the inevitable musical numbers up a notch.

Or maybe he'll head down the Letterman route and just spend the whole show confusing the living hell out of everyone. Who can forget 'do you wanna buy a monkey'? and the classic 'Oprah - Uma, Uma - Oprah' segment. Ah, halcyon days.

Whichever he goes with, we're not placing any bets on either member of broken shark being able to stay up through the whole shebang live. Previous experience at attempting this has been a disappointing failure. Maybe we could get Wogan in to host it? His record at making the unwatchable watchable is pretty impressive.