Kung Fury

UK Release Date 28th May 2015
Director David Sandberg
Starring David Sandberg, Laser Raptors
Runtime 30 Minutes
Certificate Unrated
Reviewer Mark
Reviewed 28th May 2015

What the hell is it with crowdfunded movies and the Nazis? First Iron Sky bombarded us with flying saucers from the Fourth Reich’s moon base and now in Kung Fury Hitler has time travelled to Miami in 1985 to gun down the entire police department through a mobile phone. Adolf is so kick-ass at Kung Fu he’s even he’s even called himself "Kung Führer." Well he always loved a title. Fortunately for us super-cop Kung Fury isn’t going to take Hitler’s shit lying down. With the aid of mullet haired Hackerman, a keyboard for a surfboard and some Weird Science graphics, Kung Fury is hacked back in time to kill Hitler. His motive? Simple-he’s a cop doing his job.

What sets Kung Fury apart from Iron Sky and other genre mash-ups is the sheer wit and audacity to have the courage of its convictions. Kung Fury has more visual dexterity and inventiveness in one frame than Avengers: Age of Ultron has in its entire epic running length. Small visual gags such as a ghetto blaster being shot from its owner and snatched up by the assailant without missing a beat are joyous to behold. Granted Kung Fury creator David Sandberg fell short of his goal of a $1 million budget for a feature and cut his movie down to 30 minutes but a man who cunningly covers up the scenes he couldn’t fully realize with video tracking problems (remember those?) isn’t short of an idea or two.

Shot on green screen Kung Fury has the look of every combination of 1980s movies and TV shows you can care to mention from Robocop 2 (ok technically 90s) to No Retreat No Surrender (a line from the accompanying Hoff’s music video) and everything else in-between including the 1988 video game nasty Narc. More to the point Kung Fury has the feel of those VHS movies with the painted covers often released by Medusa Communications LTD or its offshoot labels such as New Dimension or Pegasus Home Video but with one crucial difference-Kung Fury delivers the goods. Where else can you see Laser Raptors going head to head with two Viking babes called Barbarianna and Katana? Sandberg remembers the golden rule of modern exploitation cinema. Dinosaurs and sharks are great box office. Arming then with lasers is even better!

Sandberg cast himself the main man Kung Fury due to budget restrictions but he aces the deadpan zingers and action chops with equal aplomb. After crushing two Nazis with a Tiger Tank he quips the obligatory, “Tank you.”  Watch him battle through a horde of obliging Nazi storm troopers Mortal Kombat style before ripping out one soldier’s spinal column, “You don’t need that spine. It’s holding you back.” Sandberg plays Kung Fury like Ryu from Street Fighter and Bruce Leroy from The Last Dragon via Snake Pliskeen in Escape From New York. With enough thought you could probably accredit nearly every 80s action character to Kung Fury, no bad feat for a man born in 1987.

In the final show down Kung Fury joined by his new partner Triceracop alongside the Viking babes, Thor, Hackerman and a T-Rex (no lasers). Hitler has a robot eagle that can do some serious damage and Kung Fury even ascends to a Fist of the North Star anime heaven. To say Kung Fury hits all of the right notes is an understatement, just listen to that blistering soundtrack by Mitch Murder and Lost Years and coming just a couple of weeks after the game changing Mad Max: Fury Road action cinema has more than just one movie to be raving about. Kung Fury kicks the ass of a dozen John Wicks and just like the Viking babes we just wanna know one thing, “Hey future cop. Where are you going?” To a cinema near you soon if there’s any justice.

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