b e s t  a c t o r

Will anybody get past Daniel Day Lewis in this category? The bookies think probably not. At the time of writing, the absolute BEST odds you can get on DDL are 1/10. That, my friends is £1 potential profit for every £10 you wager. In other words, Daniel should probably start clearing a space on his shelf now.

For the sake of balance though, the remaining actors' odds shake out at:

the master.jpg

Hugh Jackman - 10/1

Joaquin Phoenix - 33/1

Bradley Cooper - 50/1

Denzel Washington - 66/1

So barring something pretty spectacular, DDL will have won, collected, speeched about and be sat in the bar by the time any of the rest even take their seats at the ceremony.

broken shark can't really argue with that to be honest. It would be great to see Joaquin collect for what must be a very Academy-unfriendly movie but we're not putting any cash on it.