Broken Shark

Who are Broken Shark I hear you ask?

We had a little nose around the interweb and didn't really love any of the movie websites out there. It seemed that the sites were either geeksville or total film buffs. Where was the middle ground, we asked? Where?? Nowhere it seemed and thus after maybe more than the odd pint on a rainy London night an idea was born.

The Broken Shark refers to Stephen Speilberg's tricky animatronic fish whose reluctance to work properly helped make Jaws the piece of outstanding genius that it is. It is our joint favourite film.

One half of Broken Shark is male and the other half is female. One half works in the film industry, one half doesn't. Both have a tendency to be a tad sarcastic. However most importantly, both halves like movies. Very very much. The film industry half means sometimes we will get the odd inside scoop, advance gossip and also means we have access to more of the film industry than your average little movie site does. We will have interviews and discussions here with filmmakers from both an educational point of view and an entertainment point of view and hope to have a monthly round up on the couch. We are new so give us time to get everything up and running and perfect, we both have jobs (one has a child for Pete's sake.... actually had a child, she now has two) and we are dedicating our own time and money to this.

Our mission is to get as many people as we can interested in the big screen and to get them out to the cinema watching great films. We aren't here to score points or bitch about film makers unless they really deserve it. We know how hard it is to make a film and will only punish those who totally throw away the golden opportunities they have. You know who you are....

We will fully appreciate and embrace your comments but of course anything personal / offensive / downright un-amusing will be airlifted off.

Welcome to Broken Shark. We like movies.  


Our review policy is largely non-existent but such as it is, here it is.

We review films as soon as we can, hopefully before they are on general release, but more realistically near their release (this will improve when / if we get taken seriously and can go to press screenings).

We don't do ratings; you'll just have to slog through the review if you want to know what we think of the movie. Or just read the summary and head to the cinema to fill in the rest.

Our opinions are entirely our own, we don't have any affiliation or vested interests and we're not beholden to any sponsors, because we don't have any. We will not be spamming you with endless ten page Peter Jackson exclusives.

We're entirely contactable on the below email addresses, if you feel we've been unfair to a movie, let us know - we won't hide from what we have written.

We will do our very best to keep spelling and grammar errors to a minimum. But we’ll probably get a bit carried away at times so bear with us. 


Please don't steal stuff, it's mean.

That is all.