LFF Preview Part III - More Stuff We're Going to See!


Part the second then of the films we're off to see from NEXT WEEK! Which is pretty soon. Quite a few of these still have tickets available so get over to the BFI website!


The lovely friend of BS Mia Wasikowska treks across the Australian desert. With some camels and a dog. Based on Robyn Davidson's true story this one has taken a while to get to the screen but will hopefully be worth the wait.

Tracks Clip

The Armstrong Lie

Our love of Alex Gibney is well documented on this website. Easily one of the best documentary makers working today, we really can't wait to see his Lance Armstrong story. Filming began before the fall of sport's biggest cheat so it will be fascinating to see Armstrong before and after.

The Armstrong Lie Clip


An impressive list of respected talent (Efron, Giamatti, Thornton to name a few) star in this fictionalised take on the lives of the other people touched by JFK's murder in 1963.


So Much Water

We've seen precious few films who's country of origin is described as Uruguay-Mexico-Netherlands-Germany so we were very pleased that this one arrived. A divorced father takes his kids away on holiday, only to be scuppered by the constant rain. We've all been there.

So Much Water Trailer

 Kill Your Darlings

Fictionalised versions of Ginsberg, Kerouac and Burroughs behave in a variety of dark and poetic ways as they invent the beat generation. Kind of Dead Beat Poets Society then. You heard that one here first.

Kill Your Darlings

Drinking Buddies

Oliver Wilde and Anna Kendrick (who we like lots) star in this tale of two couple who go on holiday. Then it all falls apart when the couples kind of get mixed. It's not new territory but we're huge fans of beer (which features prominently) so we're hopeful this has something new to say.

Drinking Buddies Trailer

Trap Street

An innocent looking tale of a young man falling for a young woman. But his interest in GPS takes a sinister turn when he disappears during a night out. Looks like an interesting look into Chinese attitudes towards creepingly efficient surveillance...

Trap Street Clip


Claustrophobia abounds in this tale of drone operators stuck in a windowless bunker in Nevada. It's an interesting topic for a thriller as the operators guide their killing machines across Afghanistan, completely removed from the carnage but none the less very much involved... 

Drones - no trailer available! Sorry.

Drones - no trailer available! Sorry.

The Missing Picture

Rithy Panh uses clay figures and archive footage to recreate the horrors of the Khmer Rouge. It's an interesting and haunting technique that looks to be pretty powerful.

The Missing Picture Clip

The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas

Not one that you want to have to repeat to the person selling the tickets at the cinema... This tells the tale of a failing TV personality who fakes his own kidnapping. Obviously things do not go as planned...


The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas Trailer