LFF 2017 Previews Part iv:

The Curiosities

We're interested but recognise the gamble...

Grain (Semih Kaplanoglu)

More dystopian future (we can't get enough), this one following a society where GM food is mysteriously failing to grow and the protected society is in danger of collapse. Filmed by Giles Nuttgens, who gave Hell or High Water such a distinctive look and starring Jean-Marc Barr (who, if memory serves, was the main man in The Big Blue). 


Looking for Oum Kulthum (Shirin Neshat)

A movie about Oum Kulthum (the voice of Egypt), not somebody we have a great deal of knowledge on, this follows an exiled Iranian director as she attempts to make a biopic of the famous Muslim singer.

Promised Land (Eugene Jarecki)

Jarecki, director of the magnificent The House I Live in, takes his documentary lens out on the road in a Rolls Royce once owned by Elvis, picking up a wide variety of famous faces along the way in an attempt to make some sense of modern day America... No trailer for this one yet.


Mutafukaz (Shoujirou Nishimi, Guillaume Renard)

Couldn't find a subtitled trailer for this one but I'm not entirely sure it needs it. I'm equally unsure that there is any way to properly describe this in actual words. Check the trailer. Bonkers eh? Looks great fun.

9 Fingers (F.J. Ossang)

Lord knows what to make of this but it looked funky enough from the description. The trailer is particularly odd. But then, the director is described as a 'maverick' in the programme. No clue what I've let myself in for here but it's the Festival opening night so, ah, in for a penny....

The King of Peking (Sam Voutas)

A young boy and his father make a living hawking pirate celluloid around town as the father attempts to prove to the child's mother that he can bring him up. Put out of business by a fire, things are looking bleak on the child-support front until DVD's arrive.....

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