LFF 2017 Previews Part iii:

The Intriguing Stuff

We like the look of these..

Wajib (Annemarie Jacir)

No trailer available for this one yet but we're always up for a Palestinian drama here. Shadi (Saleh Bakri) returns home to assist his father in the Palestinian tradition of hand delivering his sister's wedding invites with his father (Mohammad Bakri - Saleh's actual father)..


Ghost Stories (Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman)

Another lacking a trailer, though given the theme, that's probably a very good thing. Proper old school chills in an old school anthology format, this has Andy Nyman's arch sceptic professor investigating some spooky goings on. And we all know how that generally turns out. Zoikes!


Funny Cow (Adrian Shergold)

TV veteran Shergold heads to the big screen with this story of a female comedian (Maxine Peake) attempting to break away from her violent husband and into the world of standup comedy. In the 1970's in Northern England. Well, good luck with that, not a gig I'd want... Sadly no trailer for this one yet either.


Small Town Crime (Ian Nelms, Eshom Nelms)

A noir featuring a deadbeat drunken cop desperate to solve the case of a murdered Jane Doe you say? We're in. Also, no trailer yet. Sorry!


Spoor (Agnieszka Holland)

A genuinely intriguing movie from Poland, here we have the animals seemingly taking revenge on the hunters out in the wilds. Local animal rights campaigner Janina is convinced that it's the animals what done it, unsurprisingly, nobody believes her....

Life Guidance (Ruth Mader)

A low-key dystopian future feature, this features a world where the highest achievers are supported by a mysterious organisation named Life Guidance. Life starts to go wrong in these sorts of things when people start to wonder who they are and where they are. By the looks of it, Frtiz Karl is about to make that mistake.... 

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