LFF 2016 Previews Part iv:

The Curiosities

We're interested but recognise the gamble...

Voyage of Time: Life's Journey (Terence Malik)

This one could go either way. Generally one to split the vote, Malik returns to the screens with an epic meditation on life, death, nature and the human condition. Like we said, really could go either way.

Stockholm My Love (Mark Cousins)

Musician and sometime Broken Shark Volvo borrowing (true story) Nenah Cherry hits the screen along with LFF favourite Mark Cousins in this tale of depression and emigration in sunny Stockholm. Last year's sublime I Am Belfast really reminded us of just how good a filmmaker Cousins is so this has high promise.

Prevenge (Alice Lowe)

We're very much fans of Sightseers here and the idea of co-writer Alice Lowe heading out on her own to write, direct and star in this tale of a murderous pregnant woman seems like an absolute winner. All be it one tinged with pitch black humour.

The Red Turtle (Michael Dudok de Wit)

Almost completely lacking dialogue and very much Ghibli assisted, this tales the tale of a castaway fighting the elements and the titular turtle. Dreamlike and surreal with beautiful hand drawn animation.

We Are X (Stephen Kijak)

How have we never heard of X Japan? The country's biggest rock stars, even though they disbanded at the height of their fame in the 1990's, this documentary picks up at the start of rumours of a reunion. Talking heads from some of the biggest name in rock fill out the story.

In The Last Days of The City (Tamer El Said)

We'd pretty much go see this to help fill our unforgivable void in Egyptian cinema knowledge but even give that, it still looks worth your time. 2009 provides a context filled backdrop for a young filmmakers struggles as he tries to finish his movie.

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