LFF 2016 Previews Part ii:

The Easy Picks

Not stand out gala screenings but we reckon these are no-brainers anyway.

American Honey (Andrea Arnold)

Andrea Arnold heads out onto the American road with Shia Lebeouf (seemingly acting), Sacha Lane and Riley Keough. Cruising across country, drinking and selling magazines door to door was never quite going to be enough so when opportunity presents itself, guns are drawn and the freewheeling kids are on the lamb....

The 13th (Ava Du Vernay)

Selma director Du Vernay steps into equally significant territory with this documentary around the US constitution's 13th Amendment. Focusing on America's obsession with locking up young black males, Du Vernay draws out the horrifying case that although slavery has technically been abolished, living as a black person in the US is a very different experience than as a white person.

David Lynch: The Art Life (Jon Nguyen)

A documentary about David Lynch? Do you really need to know anything more about this? Thought not.

Lo and Behold, Reveries of The Connected World (Werner Herzog)

One of the world's most intriguing filmmakers is a regular at the LFF and this year he's brought the entire internet with him.. What does it mean to us now? More importantly, what will it mean to us in the future? If anyone can elicit answers to this frighteningly open question, it's Herzog....

The Last Laugh (Ferne Pearlstein)

Pearlstein takes on a variety of taboo breaking subjects as she asks 'when is it okay to laugh at horrible things?' A wide variety of talking heads (Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman, Larry Charles) contribute in a movie that also takes in a look at the lives of concentration camp survivors. 

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