LFF 2015 Previews Part iv:

The Curiosities

We're interested but recognise the gamble...

Aferim! (Radu Jude)

Okay, we're taking a total punt on this one based on Clare Stewart's recommendation. Check out the trailer. Right? Oh boy.... 

Public House (Sarah Turner)

We can't find a trailer for this one but that's not a total surprise. Billed as a 'participatory opera', Turner's documentary charts the locals efforts to save their pub - The Ivy House in Peckham. We're thinking we might pop down prior to the screening....

Ghost Theatre (Hideo Nakata)

Couldn't find a subtitled trailer for this one but we're pretty sure you get the gist from this one, even if you don't speak Korean. Ringu genius Nakata returns to the scares (we hope) that he is so rightly famous for.

In The Room (Eric Khoo)

The life of a single hotel room... featuring a repressed gay romance, a will they / won't they couple and a couple's last night before gender reassignment surgery...All threaded together by a ghost story about a dead rock star. All par for the course in Korean cinema....

Gayby Baby (Maya Newell)

Whilst we're seemingly jammed in a world full of adults bickering, it may well be worth our while seeing what the kids have to say about this. Newell's documentary looks in on several kids growing up with same sex parents and asks them what they think. The clever money is on them being a damn sight more objective and reasonable than a lot of the grownups.

I am Belfast (Mark Cousins)

Walking film encyclopaedia Cousins teams up with cinematographer Christopher Doyle and musician David Holmes to pen a poetic love letter to his home city. Cousins skates close to our comprehension at times but he is always interesting.  

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