LFF 2014 Previews Part vii:


Black Coal, Thin Ice (Diao Yinan)

Murder mystery, Northern China style as Diano Yinan tells a tale over a decade from the discovery of a hand mingled with coal on an industrial conveyor belt. Winner of the Golden Bear in Berlin this year, we're confident that nobody does dark quite as well as the Chinese.

Black Souls (Francesco Munzi)

Another one sadly lacking a subtitled trailer (seems to be a festival hazard), this one looks as dark as the movie above. The Calabrian Mafia form the centre of this one as a family feud leads to unexpected consequences.

Kill Me Three Times (Kriv Stenders)

This one is completely lacking a trailer in any language so opposite is a clip of Simon Pegg chatting about it. He plays an English hitman, sent to Oz and apparently he really enjoyed it. Also, Bryan Brown plays a corrupt cop. We love Bryan Brown. 

Monsters: Dark Continent

We're very much on the fence about this one but curiosity will get the better of us. Gareth Edwards' original was just that, a true original. This one find us in the middle of all kinds of war in the Middle East. Fingers crossed...

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