LFF 2014 Previews Part v:


Goodbye to Language (Jean-Luc Godard)

Check the trailer for this one, I have no idea how to describe that. Other than to say it involves a dog called Roxy and it's in 3D. Oh, and it's directed by Godard.....

History of Fear (Benjamín Naishtat)

Naishtat looks to have created a nicely sticky sense of unease with this thriller. A wealthy suburban community north of Buenos Aires is terrorised by series of unexplained events.... 

Métamorphoses (Christophe Honoré)

Ovid's Metamorphoses is brought up to date by French writer / director Honoré. If you know what to expect from that, you went to a better school than I did.

The World of Kanako (Tetsuya Nakashima)

Scantily clad school girls, seedy villains, even seedier heroes, animation, crazy violence.... Nakashima's latest has it all....

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