LFF 2014 Previews Part ix:


Charlie's Country (Rolf de Heer)

David Gulpilil of Walkabout fame returns to our screens as an ageing Aborigine struggling with prejudice and neglect in modern day Australia. We had a lot of time for Mystery Road at last year's LFF and we're expecting great things from this one.

The Turning (Various)

17 directors come together with a veritable shopping list of top talent to bring a collection of Tim Winton's short stories to the screen.

Walking Under Water (Eliza Kubarska)

Stunning photography compliment an age old story of progress threatening local life. The Badjao tribe have fished the waters off Borneo for centuries but the lifestyle is now threatened by tourism and easy money. This might be the film we're most excited about.  

Electricity (Bryn Higgins)

Couldn't locate a trailer for this one but here we meet Lily O'Connor, an epilepsy sufferer who takes an opportunity and flees her dead end seaside town for the bright lights of London. Agyness Deyn stars.

Sorry, no trailer!

Sorry, no trailer!

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