LFF 2014 Previews Part iv:


Camp X-Ray (Peter Sattler)

First time director Sattler is the latest to try and get his head around the horrors of America's War on Terror. Kristen Stewart gets all the good notices as the newbie recruit trying to deal with the day to day injustice of eternal internment. 

Dancing Arabs (Eran Riklis)

A Palestinian boy attends an Israeli boarding school after his father is arrested on suspicion of terrorism. Along the way, he falls in love with an Israeli classmate and finds companionship with a disabled student. Riklis looks to have maintained a good tone for potentially heavy material.

Fishing Without Nets (Cutter Hodierne)

Treading similar ground to last year's Captain Phillips, Hodierne's movie concentrates more on the reasons for Somalis turning to piracy. A young Somali fisherman faces the reality of a big payday against his living being diminished by war and pollution..

A Girl at My Door (July Jung)

A local police chief with a patchy background finds herself in more trouble as she takes on a young girl found by the road side. Booze and violent men conspire to make Doona Bae's life complicated...

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