LFF 2014 Previews Part iii:


Three Hearts (Benoît Jacquot)

Veteran Jacquot brings together Charlotte Gainsborg, Catherine Deneuve and Benoît Poelvoorde in this tale of love and fate.

Altman (Ron Mann)

Who doesn't love Robert Altman? Nobody, that's who. So any chance to spend more time with the great man, especially with the support of his widow, Kathryn Reed Altman, is an opportunity to be grasped.

Sorry! No Trailer Yet!

Sorry! No Trailer Yet!

Madame Bovary (Sophie Barthes)

Flaubert's eternal tale of... er... hang on...... the love affairs of a doctor's wife in 19th Century France. Needless to say Jo picked this one. Either way, the presence of Mia Wasikowska, Ezra Miller and Paul Giamatti mark this one out as one to watch. 

Sorry! No Trailer Yet!

Sorry! No Trailer Yet!

Still the Water (Naomi Kawase)

Known more for her documentaries, here Kawase brings us a story of love, natural beauty, death, eternity and unfortunate goats. All from a beautiful tropical Japanese island. Check out the trailer for no information whatsoever....

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