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Top 10 Films of 2013 - Si

6   - Rush (Ron Howard)

What we said at the time: 'Nothing I write here will come anywhere near conveying the sheer experience of seeing this film. And it is an experience. It needs to be seen on the big screen and the bigger you can find the better. You will come out exhausted and exhilarated in equal measure. Rush is an astonishing film. It is a brutally visceral trip through the minds of two of racing’s most naturally talented drivers at a time when people drove cars, rather than computers.'

Why it's here: Hollywood at its best. Not an entirely true story but near enough to astound, a great example of everyone involved at the top of their game. You will flinch when the mud flies at you, despite the lack of 3D glasses.

7   - Nebraska (Alexander Payne)

What we said at the time: 'Nebraska is a beautiful movie that further enhances Payne’s reputation. It has an almost certain Oscar winner of a central performance and an equally superb supporting cast. Payne manages to gently mock the midwest life without ever coming across as snide....Humorous and touching in equal measure with a bagful of wonderful images...'

Why it's here: Bruce Dern

8   - Much Ado About Nothing (Joss Whedon)

What we said at the time: 'Whedon has done a great job - shorn of any desire to lavish a massive budget and sets on a story that needs neither, he keeps it simple, concentrates on the participants and his cast repays him handsomely. You’ll do well to find a more joyful film this summer.'

Why it's here: Shakespeare has rarely been done better on the screen. It's not his best play but Whedon plays up the sillier elements and has one of the best casts of the year. The image of Claudio in a swimming pool, resplendent in mask and snorkel, drink in hand is an absolute winner.


9   - Blackfish (Gabriela Cowperthwaite)

What we said at the time: We didn't actually review this so I'm technically cheating by including it.

Why it's here: Making great use of some genuinely frightening real life footage and expert talking heads, Cowperthwaite did exactly what I want such a documentary to do, she made me furious. A pitch perfect expose of an utterly horrific practice that continues to this day, it is vital that cinema continues to bring this kind of film to prominence (see also How to Survive a Plague). Easily the best poster of 2013 too.


10 - Mud (Jeff Nicols)

What we said at the time: 'The highlight of Sundance London, hugely original, with outstanding performances and a beautiful heart - It's one hell of a thing all right.'

Why it's here: McConaughey's movie renaissance continues. A superb performance by him, plus fantastic first time work from his two young leads attached to a perfectly honest script.

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